Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC: Key Match Lineups revealed

As two powerhouses of Indian football prepare to face off, Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC are set to deliver an exciting clash on the field. Both teams have a rich history and a strong fan base, making this match highly anticipated among football enthusiasts.

The Rivalry:

The rivalry between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC has been one of the most intense and historic matchups in Indian football. With both clubs boasting a strong tradition and a loyal fan following, every encounter between these two teams is marked with high intensity and passion.

Key Players:

Mohun Bagan:

  • Sunil Chhetri: The captain of Mohun Bagan and the leading goal scorer for the team, Sunil Chhetri’s presence on the field is a constant threat to the opposition.

  • Subrata Paul: The experienced goalkeeper brings stability to Mohun Bagan’s defense with his agile saves and commanding presence.

  • Glenn Martins: The midfield maestro is known for his creative playmaking skills and ability to control the tempo of the game.

Bengaluru FC:

  • Cleiton Silva: The Brazilian forward has been in stellar form for Bengaluru FC, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess and clinical finishing.

  • Gurpreet Singh Sandhu: Bengaluru FC’s goalkeeper is known for his shot-stopping abilities and commanding presence in the box.

  • Erik Paartalu: The Australian midfielder provides stability to Bengaluru FC’s midfield with his strong tackles and distribution skills.

Match Lineups:

Mohun Bagan:

  • Formation: 4-3-3
  • Starting XI:
  • Goalkeeper: Subrata Paul
  • Defenders: Ashutosh Mehta, Tiri, Pritam Kotal, Dhanachandra Singh
  • Midfielders: Glenn Martins, Raynier Fernandes, Vinit Rai
  • Forwards: Liston Colaco, Sunil Chhetri, Britto PM

Bengaluru FC:

  • Formation: 4-2-3-1
  • Starting XI:
  • Goalkeeper: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
  • Defenders: Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Fran Gonzalez, Ashique Kuruniyan
  • Midfielders: Erik Paartalu, Suresh Wangjam, Dimas Delgado, Udanta Singh, Sunil Chhetri
  • Forward: Cleiton Silva

Key Matchups:

  • Sunil Chhetri vs Tiri: The battle between the two captains will be crucial, with both players leading their teams from the front.

  • Glenn Martins vs Erik Paartalu: The midfield duel between these two dynamic midfielders will play a key role in shaping the outcome of the match.

  • Cleiton Silva vs Mohun Bagan Defense: The Brazilian forward’s ability to breach Mohun Bagan’s defense will be a key factor for Bengaluru FC’s success.


Both teams are expected to adopt an attacking approach, looking to dominate possession and create scoring opportunities. Mohun Bagan will rely on Sunil Chhetri’s goal-scoring instincts, while Bengaluru FC will look towards Cleiton Silva to find the back of the net.

Match Prediction:

With both teams boasting strong lineups and a history of intense matchups, the game is expected to be a closely contested affair. The match could potentially end in a draw, with neither team willing to give an inch to their fierce rivals.


  1. When is the match between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC taking place?
  2. The match is scheduled to take place on [match date].

  3. Where can I watch the Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC match live?

  4. The match will be broadcasted live on [broadcasting channel/streaming platform].

  5. Who are the top goal scorers for Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC this season?

  6. The top goal scorer for Mohun Bagan is Sunil Chhetri, while Cleiton Silva leads the charts for Bengaluru FC.

  7. What is the historical head-to-head record between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC?

  8. Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC have faced each other [number] times, with [wins for Mohun Bagan], [wins for Bengaluru FC], and [draws] between the two sides.

  9. Which players are key to watch out for in the Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC match?

  10. Sunil Chhetri, Cleiton Silva, Glenn Martins, and Erik Paartalu are some of the key players to keep an eye on during the match.

  11. What tactical approach is expected from Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC in this match?

  12. Both teams are expected to adopt an attacking approach, focusing on ball possession and creating scoring opportunities.

  13. Are there any injury concerns for either team heading into the match?

  14. As of now, both teams have a fully fit squad with no major injury concerns reported.

  15. Which team has the home advantage in the Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC match?

  16. The match is set to take place at [venue], giving [Mohun Bagan/Bengaluru FC] the home advantage.

  17. What are the recent form of Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC coming into this match?

  18. Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC have been in good form, with [number of wins, draws, and losses] in their last [number of matches].

  19. How important is this match for both Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC in the context of the league standings?

    • The match holds significant importance for both teams as a win could propel them up the league standings, while a loss could see them drop valuable points.

In conclusion, the clash between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC promises to be a thrilling encounter filled with passion, skill, and intensity. Both teams will be looking to secure a crucial victory in this highly anticipated matchup. Football fans can expect a display of top-class talent and competitive spirit as these two giants of Indian football lock horns on the field.

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